AlphaNautical Marine Sales, Inc.


   AlphaNautical Marine Sales Inc loads data to our web site using Excel spreadsheets.
   We do not use "PDF" formats.
   We prefer to work with distributors with a "cutting edge" Information Tecnology staff.
   We want to be able to download any of these fields listed below, at any time, in whatever sequence we want and to also be able to download the images for each and every product you sell.
   We need to be able to generate a single file with all this data and not spend days re-working your data.

   The following information is provided to demonstrate what we consider to be normal distributor-provided data:
              SKU or Distributor's Part Number  Please provide your SKU or Distributor's Part Number; Note the ID of the product image should be the same number.
              Product Name or Title  This consists of a concatenation of the Brand, the Manufacturer's Part Number, and a short description or title. It should be in upper & lower case as Google does not accept titles and descriptions in all upper case.
              Product Description  This consists of a concatenation of the title plus other important data built from the data provided.
              Product Image Name  (Example: BrandName/ProductID.jpg) Note: We require an image for each and every product. We require that it be either gif or jpg format and all must be one or the other. The "Product ID" must be either your SKU or the manufacturer's part number. Do not add descriptive phrases to the Product ID.
We recommend using either your SKU or the MPN to identify the product but it must be a unique ID.
An ideal size would be 300 pixels by 300 pixels and 72 DPI.
              MSRP  The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. If applicable please also provide the MAP - Minimum Advertisd Price and the MRP - Minimum Retail Price. If either is provided, we replace our calculated Special Price with the MAP or MRP Price.
              Our cost  In US dollars. Also provide the "Unit of Measure" column for all your products if any product is not "each" and "1 per package". If your standard packaging is other than one (1) or there is a minimum purchase quantity other than one (1), that information MUST be in a unique column, NOT as an undecipherable comment in the description.
              Weight  Shipping weight for a quantity of 1
              Quantity on hand  Note that products with zero on hand, even if just temporarily out, are deemed inactive and not uploaded to Google
Also note that when we sell a product that you do not have in stock we are charged a percent of the sale price when the order is received and again a fee to refund their money. Five specific fields are also now required by Google and if any are not provided, the entire product is rejected.
Google is forcing us to also invest in "Ad Words" which will be so much per click to look at it, compare it, or purchase it. Consequently, we will not upload or advertise any product of yours that does not have an image, has too brief a description, has a description in all caps, etc. If your distributorship has both stocked and nonstocked parts, we need a column to describe the stock status. We normally change the quantity on hand of nonstock items to a quantity of 1 so that Google will accept the product for comparative shopping.
              Category  Please provide a descriptive category. e.g. "Camping Equipment > Tent > for 4 adults"
              Manufacturer  This could be a Vendor name, Manufacturer name, or Brand name.
           *   Brand  e.g. "BrandName"
           *   MPN  Manufacturer's Part Number; Note - We also like to have the "Usage" as a seperate column to know on what models this product can be used.
           *   GTIN  For Google the GTIN is the UPC-A 12 digit Universal Product Code.
              Google Product Category  Use Google Taxonomy; example: Electronics > Print, Copy, Scan & Fax Accessories > Printer Accessories > Copier, Printer & Fax Consumables
              Condition  Only use "NEW", "USED", or "REFURBISHED"
           *       For Google, proper product identification is having the BRAND, MPN & the GTIN; Missing anyone of the three will cause the product to be disapproved and not visible.

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